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Driving in Gibraltar


The main form of transport in Gibraltar is the car, although motorbikes are popular and there is a good modern bus service. Unlike in other British territories, traffic drives on the right, as the territory shares a land border with Spain. You can drive to most areas in Gibrlatar, although it is possible to drive around parts of the Upper Rock the roads are very narrow and winding.

Car Parks can be found at Grand Parade (beside the lower cable car station), at Eastern Beach, Catalan Bay and Queensway, as well as a multi storey car park in the International Commercial Centre. Some street parking is also available on Line Wall Road, Corral Road, Devil's Tower Road, and Rosia Road. Much of the Town is pedestrianised and it is advisable to park outside the city walls.


Parking restrictions are strictly enforced and parking in unauthorised areas could result in your car being towed away or immobilised.


There is a cable car which runs from ground level to the top of the rock, and will carry 30 passengers to the Top of the Rock in 8 minutes although an additional stop of 2 minutes at the Middle Station (Apes Den) makes the entire trip last some 10 minutes. The original Gibraltar Cable Car opened in 1966, however the Cable Cars in place today were purchased in 1986 when the entire Cable Car complex underwent a refurbishment.

Restrictions on transport introduced by the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco closed the land frontier in 1969 and prohibited any air or ferry connections although in 1982, the land border was reopened.



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